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What is Photonics?

Photonics is a field of applied optics, concerned with the optical technologies. The word Photonics is a portmanteau of the words ‘Photon’ and ‘Electronics’.

The field of Photonics embraces such disciplines as informatics, data processing, laser based technologies, metrology and bio-medical optics. Design using light as well as the appropriate use of lighting sources also belong to the broad spectrum of Photonics. There are applications in the technologies of communication, medicine and biology as well as the emerging field of nanotechnology. Current research foci are the control of the propagation of light through non-linear interaction and the interactions with complex (nano-) structures. A demand of the ever faster approaching future is increasing the efficiency of light sources to further energy savings.

The mission of this Master´s course of study, which is currently being accredited, is to qualify Master´s candidates individually to meet the needs arising in the field of Photonics. Thus, two mutually dependent goals are achieved. The door is opened through this Master´s for graduates in a new, high-tech field. At the same time, the demand for highly qualified people in this growing industry which is located in and around Munich can best be met. Both the needs of industry for outstanding, qualified personnel and the needs of students for graduate level education in a future oriented field of technology are best met through this Master´s program.

The course of study is based on three relevant, required courses. The essential focus of the course is oriented towards those applications which are sector-specific and thus permit the student an in-depth study of those aspects of Photonics which best fit their needs. Many of the lectures are accompanied by interesting and demanding practical exercises in the university´s modern laboratories. This course of study has included other qualifying courses from the natural sciences from the very beginning. Students focus on Photonics without losing the perspective of this discipline within the sciences.

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Industrial Advisory Board

The Master's programme is supported by an Industrial Advisory Board.

Industrial Advisory Board

The Master's programme is supported by an Industrial Advisory Board.


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