Sensor, Signal Processing, Measurement Technology

Medical measuring technology


Lab classes for sensor technology and measurement technology, for which a number of workstations with PC-controlled measurement technology are available. In addition, bachelor's theses on medical measurement technology and training for external cooperation partners will be carried out.

Rooms: D 2, D 3

Phone: -3643

  • Laboratory equipment

  • Projects carried out in cooperation with external partners

Laboratory management

Prof. Dr. Georg Eggers
Room: C 203

Tel.: 089 1265-1623
Fax: 089 1265-1603

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Prof. Dr. Herbert Plischke
Room: A 305

Tel.: 089 1265-1638
Fax: 089 1265-1603

Prof. Dr. Christian Hanshans
Room: A 223

Tel.: 089 1265-1698
Fax: 089 1265-1603

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